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5314 N Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90042, United States


Terra Horton, LMFT, MFT49299
Breathwork in Highland Park

Terra Horton, LMFT, MFT49299
Breathwork in Highland Park

Individual Psychotherapy, Art therapy. Breathwork in Highland Park - Classes every Sunday at 4:00. 

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Individual Psychotherapy, Art therapy. Breathwork in Highland Park - Classes every Sunday at 4:00. 

Please RSVP

Ways to heal



Heal oneself

Heal the planet

We must help ourselves before we can help others. We have blocked our enormous potential with years of putting up walls because our emotions felt out of control, shameful, and we felt unloveable. The path to self-love is in taking the risk of trying something new, challenging the long-held mistaken beliefs that we carry around. 

Asking for help is one of the bravest things a person can do. You are not alone on this courageous path. We all feel the pain of being alive if we are willing to be vulnerable and see it. Recognizing the pain we carry around, and then releasing it, will leave space for creativity to enter. Having a supportive witness hold a mirror to this process is incredibly validating  and worthwhile. 

Art therapy


Art therapy reaches the right side of the brain, which is where emotions and the unconscious are more accessible. Making art reaches passed the verbal, conscious mind, and into the unknown. This is often what needs to be seen in order for you to have a breakthrough in your life. What unconscious beliefs are sabotaging your social/emotional success? 

Using art is helpful in creating safety,  processing trauma, exploring the unconscious, challenging unhelpful beliefs, finding hope, and so much more.



Do you remember what it was like being a child and releasing the emotions as they came up? As we grow up, we are socialized to not cry, not scream, and often we do not learn how to release our emotions in any healthy way. Over time, emotional stress leads to physical illness if it is not released and repaired. 

Breathwork is a way of breathing that helps to push through emotional blockages, or stuck emotional energy housed in the body. 

Breathwork classes are a safe space to release stuck emotions. People often report feeling high afterward. Many times, people gain clarity on an issue they had not known how to deal with prior. Breathwork in Los Angeles is beginning to catch on as an important instrument of personal growth. Private sessions are also available. 


Breathwork in highland park. Therapy in highland park

Terra's very presence offers support and healing. To be around her is to experience unconditional love which is what she teaches in breathwork and therapy. She has a way of holding space and motivating me to go to new heights emotionally, physically and spiritually. She's a trusted and talented guide.


I really enjoyed the experience of breathwork. During my first experience I began to shake and felt as if all the bad energy was sucked from my body and I cannot describe  how great that felt.

The following day after breathwork I feel very relaxed and at peace.


Terra creates and holds a loving and safe space for this experience. Her breathwork class offers you a chance to explore your mind and body on the next level. With comfortable props, great music and sweet aromas, this is something for everyone but a truly special and unique experience. I highly recommend it!


When I signed up to take a breath work class with Terra,  I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  She gave very clear instructions on what to bring and from the time I arrived,  she explained everything step by step and made me feel comfortable right away.  Once the class got started,  she guided everybody and checked in as needed for a successful and comfortable experience.  I never knew that changing your breathing patterns with guidance could help lighten up my mind and body so much all at once.  I highly recommend Terra’s class for ANYBODY seeking a way to release stress,  connect with yourself and feel taken care of from the inside out.  


I just had a breathwork session with Terra this afternoon, and I can hardly put into words how deep and intense and magical and cathartic it was.

As a hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner, and theta healer, I’ve felt a lot of energy move on both the giving and receiving ends, but this was truly something special. I buzzed, I floated, I was all sooooo needed and I feel physically better than I have all week.

What I loved about this process was how simple it was to access. It was a straightforward breath technique but the sensory experience (intuitively guided musical soundtrack, light touch, scents) created such an immersive environment for me to sink deeply into.

She has a beautiful studio space in Highland Park where she hosts her group and private sessions on Sundays (groups start at 4), and you can already feel how safe and open the energy is in there from the moment you walk in.


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Terra Horton

Terra has been working with adults in a private practice setting for 7 years, using art therapy and talk therapy. Terra has incorporate breathwork for the past 2 years, and has been teaching weekly classes since October 2018. 

She received her Masters in Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute in 2007. After graduating, Terra worked with children in the Foster Care System at Penny Lane and became licensed in November 2010. After her children were born, Terra opened her private practice, first in Toluca Lake, then in Highland Park.  

As part of a cooperative nursery school with her children, Terra has 5+ years as a parent teacher within a preschool setting, under the Non-Violent Communication paradigm. 


5314 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California 90042, United States


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Group Breathwork classes Sundays at 4:00pm